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Without a doubt, one of the challenges that awaits Santa Claus during the holidays is the getting of the right gifts for kids and adults alike. Every year it’s the usual headache and believe us or not, it keeps him awake at night. The same thing happens to a lot of companies when it comes to releasing a new product for the market. They don’t know whether it’ll be a hit with the public. Will they like it? Will they buy it?

Since we care about Santa Claus (and companies as well), we have a solution to decrease the pains and uncertainties he faces. If our friend, Santa, knew about Neuromarketing, rest assured that he would sleep well at night. Thanks to the technology and data that biometrics give us when applied to Neuromarketing, we can predict and better comprehend the behavior of our consumer base when it comes to sending a gift or releasing a new product into the market.

If only Santa knew about Neuromarketing… thanks to Eye Tracking technology, which triangulates the pupils position with a camera, we can know precisely where the subject is looking and what exactly did he or she look at. This would let Santa know what they fancy and would help him give them the perfect gift. He would also know exactly what packaging to use, how to wrap the gift, the color of wrapping paper they would like and so much more.

f only Santa knew about Neuromarketing… he could analyze the micro expressions and twitches that our dozens of facial muscles have and how they react to stimuli. With the help of a software program, we can translate the basic emotions of his customers and determine the feelings their gifts produce in them.

If only Santa knew about Neuromarketing …. He could gather and analyze the brain waves that his customers emit via encephalography to know which parts of the brain were activated to a given stimulus. All this information would be translated into six basic emotional categories which are: engagement, excitement, interest, relaxationstress and focus.

If only Santa knew about Neuromarketing… he could interpret his clients’ heartbeat to know which gifts or which characteristics in the gifts produce an acceleration or a decrease in their heartbeat.

If only Santa knew about Neuromarketing… He could analyze the skin reaction and the resistance to his clients’ micro sweat conductivity using GSR tech (Galvanic Skin Response) to gather information regarding the emotional response to a gift.

If only Santa knew about Neuromarketing… He would comprehend about the importance of emotions and experiences in any product or service. It would help him understand that we live in a day and age where clients want and need to feel connected with their purveyor. In most cases, physical presents will be put away in a box to gather dust, but if we can deliver a meaningful experience… that will surely stay etched in our customers’ memories forever. Maybe the best gift this year would be an experience, so why not give more of our time to our loved ones instead of a present? Many children would surely trade any toy or trinket for more time with their families.

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Happy Holidays to all and we wish you a Merry 2018 filled with positive experiences and happy emotions!

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