Trust is like a thin line, very difficult to build, to consolidate and it takes a long time to build it. But, only in one shot, in one opportunity you can destroy all that has been built through years. Your loyalty will be measured not by the moments you showed loyalty, respect and ethic behaviour but for the moment, a single moment that you have taken the wrong decision.

You can´t let opportunity to rule and control your loyalty. You can´t. If you do so, you can´t expect after this step, that everything will remain in the same way. Once you cross the thin line of loyalty, there s no way back. Nothing will be the same. The trust will not be taken for granted. We can measure a couple, friendship and business partner for this particular truth moments, where all your values will be tested in the friendship and loyalty exam.

Can you trust again somebody that has already crossed this line once? Why he/she will not do it again in the near future?

You should think all those considerations before doing any kind of steps in your career or personal life although you really don´t care about consequences.


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